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Arribas Center, SL, points of sale

Arribas Center, power all its points
of sale working to offer the best service and
the best quality in all our products to
all the professionals of the sector.

We have four points of sale with a great
offer in all types of plants, trees,
shrubs, palms...

Arribas Center: Cash & Carry

Located in Vilassar de Mar opposite
the flower market i Ornamental Plant of
Catalunya, is designed for the customer
who wants to see the plant, choose
it and take it. 10,000 m2 of exhibition
with a wide variety of plant's exterior
andinterior, which includes small plants
(season, flower, cacti, lively aromatic,
etc.) of medium (shrubs and conifers),
completes its offer with palms and trees.
Addressed especially at, florists,
Garden Centers, shops of decoration
and gardening companies.

Viveros Cabrera: Offices

Nursery of 6 hectares in Cabrera de Mar, offering
a wide selection of trees, shrubs, and all types of Palm
tree of great size.Plant root and root in bare
during the epocainvernal.
Offers a wide range of woody tantodel called cold
trees (Platanus spp., Populus sp, etc.) as hot tree
(Schinus SP., Tipuana tipu, etc.) potting
in container and ready for sale yplantacion
at any time of the year. As well as a wide range
of exemplary plant and a gransurtido of palms,
olive trees and tropical plants.
Addressed at Garden Centers, landscapers,
gardening companies, City councils and construction companies.


Arribas Center makes available
to its clients, in Vilassar de Mar,
a complete offer through their
sale points located in the Mercat
de Flor i Ornamental Plant of
Catalunya.Varias stops where
Arribas Center offers a wide
variety and range of houseplant,
plant flower, shrubs and palm
Addressed at Garden Centers,
florists, decoration stores and gardening companies.

Barnaplant, SL

Created in 1988 with the aim of bringing
together the commercial management
of numerous nurseries in the region
of Maresme and province of Girona.
In Barnaplant, the client is a
comprehensive service since it
manages the location, quality control,
preparation and delivery of a wide
variety of plants such as palms, trees,
shrubs, cacti, aromatic, perennial
flower plants and aquatic.
Addressed to major works,
municipalities, companies of gardening
and Garden Centers.

Carretera de Vilassar-Argentona Km. 1 - 08349 Cabrera de Mar (Barcelona) - Tel: 93 750 29 58 - Fax: 93 759 58 39
Caracter Grafico
mail barnaplant